Interactive video streaming for the web

Interactive web video platform for tourist marketing, promotion. Our VirtualView service allows the creation of an interactive 3D point of view, by linking live video from IP pan-tilt-zoom cameras to information and multimedia web content.

VV introduces a completely novel feature: real-time correlation between live video coming from the cameras and content. Different content is shown to the user depending on what the camera is looking at. This is a decisive step up from traditional fixed-frame webcams, and also on pan-tilt-zoom cameras without dynamic contestual content associated. VV makes web cameras interactive.

Touristic promotion is a natural application of this platform. This is also the main use of traditional webcams already installed and published on the web. The great majority of these is fixed (not PTZ or zoomable) and mainly not real-time but updated only every several seconds if not minutes. VV, using optical zoom, allows web applications for promotion and marketing to make a decisive quality jump ahead and to give visitors an interactive and involving experience.

Museum websites are another example of a possible virtual point of view. Visitors can, operating the cameras, look freely at the exhibits and at the same time get detailed infos on them. A site built around the VV platform offer live video streaming, not pre-recorded content, like other 3D technologies or “virtual visits”. Beside, visitors can use real optical zoom, limiting pixelating effects.

In e-commerce applications, VV can be deployed to build a virtual show-room where associated to products are description, prices, variants, ‘add to basket’ buttons, etc. Think of a site dedicated to your sales force, where agents can examine new products before the public.

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